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Dorca Casseus | Reading Development Teacher & Teacher Coach

Dorca Casseus is a Reading Intervention teacher at a high performing charter school in Brooklyn. She started her teaching career as a Teach for America corps member teaching first grade and has her Masters degree in childhood education. Dorca has since taught a variety of grades from 1st to 5th. In 2012, she returned to school to get her certification in Special Education. While she specialized in reading intervention, Dorca now focuses on reading development for her students and coaching other teachers on how to teach and develop an effective program for their classes.


Darcy Abrams | Speech Therapy

Darcy Abrams, MS CCC-SLP, started her career as a speech therapist because as a young child she thought ‘the worst possible thing in the world’ was to not be able to talk. According to her brothers, she took full advantage of her own abilities. Her passion for communication led to her travel internationally with a professional theater company, later returning to earn her BA in Psychology at SUNY Institute of Technology, and her MS in Speech Language Pathology at Teachers College Columbia University. She completed internships at Bank Street School for Children, The Rose F Kennedy Center, and Mount Sinai Hospital, as well as overseas in Ghana and Cambodia. She worked full-time at JFK Medical Center in Edison, NJ for several years, and currently works at Rusk Rehabilitation at NYU Hospital on their inpatient neurorehabilitation unit. She continues to work with Early Intervention in New York City, with a specialty in pediatric feeding. Her diverse work opportunities have provided experience with tracheotomy care, feeding tubes (NG and PEG), traumatic brain injury, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, voice disorders, premature infant development, and genetic disorders. She is humbled by the courage and perseverance of her clients, and believes that the quietest people in the world are often the strongest.


Allison Jumett | Respiratory Specialist

Allison Jumett migrated to America in the year 1999 and enrolled at the Borough of Manhattan Community College where she pursued a Career in Respiratory Care. What started out as “just a job” soon became her passion and she has now practiced as a Respiratory Therapist for over 14 years. In 2009, Allison graduated with a BS degree in Health Administration and continues to enhance her profession from a managerial level. On a daily basis, she works with a medical team to help patents with cardio-pulmonary ailments and holds fast to her vision of “Patient First”.


Vered Ronen | Psychologist & Music Therapist

Vered Ronen is a licensed music therapist and has a Masters in Clinical Psychology. When she had her first child, she was in a PhD program for Clinical Psychology. Vered found that the theory she was learning in school was put into practice when she sang with her baby. They were attuned to each other, the music created consistency, and they were joyful, present, and engaged. She experienced first hand how music is an intuitive language for babies. It is a natural way for parents and caregivers to connect and bond with them. In addition, music is a way to soothe ourselves and discover our own inner voice.

She decided to merge her experience and talents into one – the musician, the music therapist, the psychotherapist, and the mom – in order to create workshops for parents that give them the tools to connect with their babies through music. During those sessions families learn how to use music to soothe their babies, establish routine, develop language, communicate, play, and understand their babies at each developmental stage. A large component is finding your own voice and understanding YOUR experience and emotions. This is done through discussion and song. And now she looks to connect with families and caregivers here on this platform! 

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